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Achieving Positive Outcomes

We are proud of the positive outcomes achieved by the young people we support at Roehampton Gate School. Please find below a selection of the many outcomes from the last academic year.

Our school measures students progress against 7 areas of learning. The 7 areas include:

  1. Academic
  2. PIES
  3. PfA
  4. Gatsby
  5. Mental Health
  6. SALT
  7. OT

 Across the 7 areas, 92% made positive progress in school.

GCSE Results:

  • 100% achieved 9-1 in all subjects
  • 67% achieved 9-4 in all subjects
  • Ascentis Level 1 Progression Award achieved an 88% achievement rate
  • 100% of Performing Arts students achieved Bronze Award 
  • 74% met or exceeded their predicted grade

Duke of Edinburgh Award:

  • 100% achieved Silver Award
  • 61% Bronze Award which is greater than the National Average

Positive Destinations:

  • 95% overall positive destination of which 35% progressing to mainstream settings
  • 100% of Year 11 leavers gained positive destination
  • 86% of Post-16 leavers gained a positive destination

The school undertook focussed case studies of 24 students with varying learning and social needs:

  • 100% of pupils now display positive behaviours towards their learning
  • 50% of these students were identified as having volatile and aggressive behaviour towards peers and staff. In addition to this they were unable to access any learning due to being dysregulated. Now these pupils are better at self-regulating, they have increased their friendship circle and are using a variety of strategies to communicate their needs effectively


  • Whole school attendance is 85%, which is an increase on last year at 64%
  • Review of students with attendance below 85% showed an increase of 8% from Term 2 to Term 3 through directed and bespoke support and strategies

Subject exhibition days and promotion:

Science fun day

  • All classes participated in Biology, Physics and Chemistry activities across school

 Art exhibition

  • Work from all classes displayed
  • All classes visited the exhibition
  • Students took part in group artwork competitions

 Numeracy events

  • Whole school numeracy challenge each term
  • Pie assembly
  • Numeracy poster competition

 Computer science showcase

  • Students participated in this showcase with awards going to both Key Stage 3 and 4 students for creativity and complexity of design
  • Classes visited showcase

Whole school celebration events days:

Pride celebration day

  • Students attended the hall to participate in activities
  • Students (Year 8, 9,10 and 13) supported planning and implementation of event
  • Students sang karaoke

 Fashion show

  • Students (Year 13) planned and prepared the show
  • Students participated

 Performance (July)

  • Students (Year 10) planned and prepared the event
  • 20 students participated

 Fulham football coaching:

  • 23 students participated in coaching sessions
  • 6 female students took part

 Football tournament (6 schools):

  • KS4 students came first in the tournament

 External speakers/visitors:

  • Students attended the Prison Service talk with students preparing a Q&A
  • Students in KS4 had access to local MP Q&A
  • Aladdin pantomime from external company performed on-site
  • Alternative curriculum student achieved Bronze Award in national maths competition

 Apprenticeship show:

  • Attended by 28 students