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Education Services

Many of the children and young people we support at Roehampton Gate School arrive being behind in their education and wary about returning to school. We provide a warm, nurturing but structured learning environment where they quickly feel comfortable, accepted, and part of our community. With specialist support, the students progress academically, while developing the life skills they need for a fulfilling and independent future.

Our multidisciplinary team undertake a thorough assessment of each child, enabling us to plan a highly personalised package of learning and support, tailored to their individual needs. Staff create the positive, trusting relationships that make young people feel understood, valued and engaged with their learning.

We place great emphasis on students doing their best work in all activities, including the way they organise themselves and present their work. In doing so, we model strategies for success at school and for life more generally, including their next steps when they leave Roehampton Gate School.

“Pupils’ starting points are usually below those typical for their age and pupils tend to have gaps in their education. Those who attend regularly in all of the key stages make good progress both academically and in developing their personal, social and life skills.”

Ofsted Report

Restoring the love of learning

At Roehampton Gate School, we work in partnership with children to address their barriers and restore their enjoyment of learning. We have high aspirations for our students, fostering their determination to achieve their goals, while developing the skills for achieving them. As learning is highly personalised, it is built around each student’s interests, strengths and ambitions, capturing their imagination and inspiring and motivating each young person.

Staff are skilled at using educational and therapeutic strategies to develop confidence and resilience so that young people quickly begin learning again. We offer specialist approaches including a nurture group, which provides targeted support to re-engage students with their education by addressing their social, emotional and learning needs.

We take a ‘no excuses’ approach to our students engaging with school. This requires all of us, including the young person, to genuinely understand and tackle barriers to learning they may be experiencing.

“It’s friendly, the teachers are kind and it’s fun to come here every day and do something new.”

Student at Roehampton Gate School

Small class sizes with intensive support
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A broad and balanced curriculum
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Building confidence and independence for future success
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A specialist learning environment
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Supporting the next steps after school
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Part of one of the UK’s leading specialist education providers

We are proud to be part of Aspris Children’s Services, one of the UK’s leading specialist education providers. We form part of a network of Ofsted Good and Outstanding schools, sharing best practice and learning from each other’s successes.

As part of Aspris, we have access to a national network of education and care services. This enables students to make smooth transitions to associated colleges when they leave us, or access other Aspris specialist services as needed. We also benefit from a comprehensive and continually updated range of training, expert information and advice for educating and supporting children and young people with an autistic spectrum disorder. This supports weekly continuing professional development (CPD) sessions and an annual conference with other associated schools for our staff, who are continually learning how to most effectively meet the needs of our students.

Our school is overseen by an Operations Director, Health and Safety Advisor and Quality Lead, ensuring a consistent and robust approach of the highest standards.

Our latest Ofsted report

To read our 2019 Ofsted report (while the school was still registered as Priory Lodge School), please click the link below:

Roehampton Gate School - Ofsted Report 2019

“The curriculum is providing a good range of courses and qualifications which help to prepare pupils for adult life.”

Ofsted Report

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