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Curriculum information

Public examinations and accreditation

Progress School follows the National Curriculum which it is appropriately modified for each young person. The school offers a tailored curriculum for pupils in KS1 to KS5 from pre-curriculum learning to GCSEs.

At KS4 and 5 students are also encouraged to follow vocational and career opportunities, and we place an emphasis on developing life and independence skills.

The curriculum map

Progress School offers an innovative themed curriculum model, as illustrated in the diagram below.

Progress School - Curriculum Overview

Stage 1

At the heart of the curriculum at Progress School is a focus on addressing the triad of impairments and sensory issues (as shown in the central blue area of the curriculum map). Addressing these issues first ensures that a young person is regulated, ready to learn and communicate and that their behaviour is manageable.

Stage 2

When the central issues have been addressed and we know how we are going to work with the young person, we can then progress the individual’s care and learning plan to incorporate autism specific strategies (shown in the second yellow banding on the diagram).

Progress School has staff qualified in specialist approaches to autism, including ABA and TEACCH. We actively encourage all staff to participate in SCERTS training and intensive interaction training for those working with children with very severe learning difficulties that struggle to engage with the world. Our Social Use of Language Programme is run in-house by our speech and language therapists and the Alert programme helps young people with regulation to get them in the right space for learning

The curriculum model involves daily community-based learning, using our own vehicles or public transport as appropriate. The activities described in the outer band of the diagram are available for young people to choose from, according to their individual needs and preferences.

Stage 3

GCSEs, College, Duke of Edinburgh - these tailored activities include business and enterprise, travel training and transitioning to college. 

Our curriculum model offers a high degree of flexibility. If at any point during their placement a young person has difficulties, we can focus support back onto the core elements (coloured blue in the diagram) as these underpin everything we do here at Progress School.