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Residential services

North Hill House School offers residential accommodation for up to 36 students, spread over four residential areas and off-site at the post-16 provision. We are able to offer care on a weekly or termly basis for up to 38 weeks per year.

Involving young people in the care they receive

We believe it is really important that young people feel valued and we aim to involve students in all aspects of their care. Whether we are decorating one of the communal areas or drawing up a new activities’ timetable, care staff will always ask our young people for their thoughts and feedback.

Close working with our therapy team

Close working between our care and education staff is hugely important at North Hill House School and allows us to provide high quality, well-rounded care for our young people. We take steps to ensure that therapy and care plans are always linked and feed into one another. For example, if a young person has communication difficulties, our speech and language therapist will contribute to the care plan to ensure the same approach is taken across both the residential and education settings.