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Services summary

Who do we support?

North Hill House School delivers specialist education for up to 66 young people aged 6 to 19 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated conditions, which may include ADHD and dyslexia amongst others. 

Offering a second chance

We understand that our young people often join us at North Hill House School, having previously had a negative experience of schooling. We work collaboratively with our young people to provide them with better opportunities for success, for them to feel better about education, and to reach their full potential.

Small class groups for individualised teaching

North Hill House School ensures class groups remain small so that we may provide tailored teaching and support to the young people in our school. On average, there are between two and six young people per class, with a teacher and learning support assistants. Where necessary and appropriate, North Hill House will explore bespoke 1:1 learning packages.

Whilst most young people will start North Hill House with quite intensive support from a designated adult, we will look to design a graded process of withdrawal over an agreed period. It is our aim to help young people become as independent as possible and to prepare them for success in adulthood. Plans are devised in collaboration with the respective young person and tailored accordingly.

Keeping you informed

We recognise the importance of maintaining good relationships between the school and parents/carers. North Hill House School uses a range of different methods to communicate home about a child’s progress, such as:

  • Regular phone calls dependent on parents’ preferences (daily if required)
  • Regular e-mail updates dependent on parents’ preferences (daily if required)
  • Formal reports

In the same way that we provide bespoke learning programmes to our young people, we also tailor communication to parents’/carers’ individual level of need. All our young people have their own pastoral tutor who will develop close links with parents and will review what type of contact works best for them.

Specialist facilities

North Hill House School has recently undergone an extensive programme of refurbishment. A great deal of consideration has been given to the school’s layout and facilities to ensure that they are well-suited to the needs of our young people. Our aim is to create an environment which minimises distractions and fosters learning.

Key features include:

  • Large, bright and modern classrooms
  • Individual workspaces in classrooms which help minimise distraction[s] and help young people maintain focus
  • A purpose-built library
  • A large bespoke specialist therapy suite designed by our Head of Therapy to meet the direct needs of our young people. This space is purpose-built for assessment, 1:1 and group sessions. The therapy suite incorporates a suspended sensory integration zone, a soft sensory zone and a sedentary tabletop working zone
  • A therapeutic regulation room is available within the body of the school for young people to access freely throughout their school day
  • The school, in collaboration with its therapy department, has designed and installed a purpose-built climbing area
  • The school also benefits from a bespoke outdoor play area incorporating basketball, football pitch and giant circular swing, sunken trampolines and seating.
  • A sensory playground for primary pupils will be a new addition to the school in the next few months

Rewarding progress

Many of our young people have had a challenging time in their previous education placement(s). We strongly believe that positive feedback and rewards can play an important role in motivating young people as well as helping to build their confidence and self-esteem.

We strongly believe that positive feedback in many forms can play an important role in motivating young people as well as helping to build their confidence and self-esteem.

In addition to verbal and written praise about work, attitudes and behaviour, North Hill House School uses the online reward system Class Dojo. Students receive points for going above and beyond in their work, kindness, social skills and peer interaction to name a few of the areas where they can shine.

All parents are invited to view their Child’s progress via a secure online account, allowing them to share and celebrate the success with their child.