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Introducing our Head Teacher

Ursula Castillo has over 17 years of experience working in specialist independent schools, providing quality and bespoke education programmes within a nurturing environment for students with social, emotional, mental health difficulties and complex learning needs.

Ursula’s experience started in 2003 as a teacher at a residential school for students with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, where challenging behaviour was the main barrier to enable students to access their learning. In 2007, she moved to another residential school where students had a variety of needs and taught students with social, emotional, mental health difficulties and complex learning needs. During her time in this role, the school became an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) specialist unit providing education for students spanning the spectrum from high functioning to non-verbal. This enabled additional training in the use of Makaton and PECS.

In 2013, a SENCO position became available at Ursula’s previous role and she was asked to consider returning to this school to take the SENCO position. Ursula remained there for four years and in that time became a Deputy Head, alongside the SENCO position.

In 2016, Ursula moved to an alternative provision that spanned across two schools as part of an Academy. Both schools were Pupil Referral Units, one supported the needs of students who exhibited challenging behaviours, where Ursula was the Deputy Head, SENCO, Designated Teacher and DSO at this provision. The other provision was classed as a ‘Medical PRU’, primarily for students who experienced significant mental health difficulties and were placed in the service having been discharged from CAMHS hospitals. The students in this provision were not deemed able to return to their mainstream provision due to the significant amount of therapeutic input and mental health support they required. For this provision, Ursula was the Head, SENCO, Designated Teacher and DSO.

In 2017, Ursula started her work within Priory schools, taking the Head of School position at Ellingham Hospital School, providing education for students who were in a CAMHS unit aged between 12-18 years. Ellingham Hospital and the school specialised in meeting the needs of students with not only severe mental health difficulties, but, also profound and multiple learning difficulties. Ursula was also the SENCO, Designated Teacher and DSO for Ellingham Hospital School. In July 2019, Ursula became the Head of School for Kingsbrook School.

“My child regularly informs me of how good the teachers are and how they help her to learn.”

Parent of a student at Kingsbrook School


Our Staff Team

Kingsbrook School has a warm, caring and highly trained staff team, with extensive experience of teaching and supporting young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. They understand the complex needs of each student and support them to achieve and succeed, providing as many opportunities as possible for positive outcomes. Staff deliver specialised and person

alized support and create a positive, trusting and nurturing learning environment.

The school’s staff team work closely together to empower young people to re-engage with learning and the opportunities life has to offer. They take a consistent and cohesive approach to education, care and support which sees our students develop, progress and achieve their potential.

Our staff are subject to rigorous recruitment procedures that ensure that they meet the high standards required by Kingsbrook School and the Priory Group as a whole. Their professional development is promoted by access to the comprehensive and continually updated training programme of Priory Education and Children’s Services, one of the UK’s leading specialist education providers.

The staff team ensure that the needs of the students are paramount and embrace the principle that every student matters. As well as developing positive relationships with students, we also build strong connections with parents, carers and external agencies. As a school, we recognise that we must learn from each other and work in partnership to ensure students achieve their potential.

Seeking a rewarding career?

By joining our team at Aspris Children’s Services, you will have the opportunity to help change the lives of the children and young people that we support. To explore our current job vacancies, please click here.

“The school has a new strong Head in place, who I believe has made vast improvements already to the school.”

Parent of a student at Kingsbrook School


Seeking a rewarding career?

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