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Useful information

The Standard Application Process (for learners within Wales)

  • An initial visit is arranged (referral) by parent/carer, Careers Wales or the school. 
  • The application forms are completed by the parent/carer and the learner and submitted to Aspris College South Wales. 
  • Assessments are arranged and undertaken in the form of meeting with the learner and parents/carer at our college. 
  • We then submit the  funding application pack to Careers Wales by the April deadline. 
  • The Welsh Assembly will inform parents/carers, Careers Wales and us, ready for the start of term.

During the current pandemic, Aspris College South Wales has remained open to in-house students and mainstream students who choose to attend. We have adapted our curriculum to ensure that every student gets the best quality provision possible to suit their needs, while ensuring appropriate measures to mitigate risk of infection.

We are running a blended learning curriculum which provides on-site lessons and therapies as well as remote learning days working from home.

According to the students’ individual needs:

  • Daily or weekly contact from support staff, therapists and tutors
  • Work packs delivered and collected from home
  • Assessment and feedback on work completed from home
  • Speech and language therapy (in person, by interactive platform or by telephone)
  • Wellbeing and fun sessions by interactive platform for peer to peer interaction to reduce feelings of isolation

We continually assess the effectiveness of the blended learning provided, working closely with families to find the best fit for each individual student.