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Therapeutic Services

Every pupil at Sedgemoor Manor School receives a personalised package of therapy that helps them to address their barriers to learning and prepare to access our curriculum. Our therapy team work closely with teaching staff to ensure a cohesive, consistent approach to therapeutic support is taken across the school. As a result, students develop emotionally and socially, and gain valuable strategies for addressing the challenges that their autism can present.

Our therapy team identifies the issues that may be stopping a young person from learning and then works with them to remove these barriers. They focus on helping students to manage their emotions and self-regulate. The entire school follows the ‘Thrive’ approach to promote the positive mental health and wellbeing of our young people and some staff members are now practitioners.

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. At the core of the work of the school is the focus on supporting pupils to become more self-aware and to understand their own emotional needs. Staff interpret skilfully what pupils say to support their understanding on how best to move them forward with their learning and development.“

Sedgemoor Manor School Ofsted Report

A wide range of therapy services

Young people have access to wide ranging services, including speech and language therapy, counselling, occupational therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, reflexology and assessments completed by educational or clinical psychologists. Our extensive grounds enable us to offer animal therapy on-site, providing students with a safe, calming and accepting space if they are feeling anxious, as well as building confidence and life skills. The school has dedicated therapy rooms, fully resourced to deliver high quality support to our young people.

Our therapists also work with families to help them support their child at home. This provides further opportunities to improve the wellbeing of our young people and helps them to progress socially and emotionally.

“Staff help pupils to learn how to understand their emotions and keep themselves safe. Pupils learn strategies to help them manage their emotions.”

Sedgemoor Manor School Ofsted Report

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