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At Sedgemoor Manor School, we encourage young people to follow their passions and to avoid placing limitations on what they can achieve. We work holistically with each student, guiding them to develop socially and emotionally, and providing them with the tools and strategies to address the challenges that their autism presents. Our aim is that they achieve the academic qualifications for the next step of their life journey, while building the confidence and resilience to pursue their ambitions.

Personalised learning that develops confidence

Every child is unique and every student at Sedgemoor Manor School receives an entirely individualised package of learning and support, tailored to their individual needs, strengths and aspirations. We differ from mainstream schools in that we do not expect our students to fit into what already exists. Highly specialised teachers, therapists and support staff work together closely to create a seamless, integrated approach for each young person, who is also assigned a learning mentor to support their personal development and re-engagement with learning.

Many of our students have had bad experiences at mainstream schools and time out of education. They often arrive at Sedgemoor Manor School lacking in confidence and disengaged from learning. We carefully transition young people into the school with learning that enables them to experience our ‘culture of success’ with stretching but attainable targets. As they settle into our school, learning becomes more challenging and structured.

“Pupils achieve well across the rich range of curriculum subjects that are available. Teaching in subjects such as humanities, science, art, physical education and design and technology captures pupils’ interests effectively.”

Sedgemoor Manor School Ofsted Report

A specially adapted curriculum

Sedgemoor Manor School stands apart from other specialist schools by providing the same wide ranging educational opportunities as many mainstream settings. Students follow a broad curriculum and study for qualifications, including GCSEs, AQA Unit Awards, Functional Skills, BTECs and Independence Awards via ASDAN. With our careful support, their learning journey enables every student to achieve accreditation.

We deliver a carefully planned, phased curriculum structure that provides both the challenge and support our children and young people need to succeed and progress. Pupils work in small groups with high staff to student ratios, enabling them to develop their social and emotional skills, and build friendships while receiving the help and care they need to progress academically.

“Pupils have good learning experiences because of the successful adaptations that staff make to ensure that they are able and ready to learn. Positive relationships based on respect and trust are key. Staff are skilled at ensuring that their conversations with pupils help to boost their self-esteem and confidence. As a result, pupils want to learn and lessons, and times between lessons are generally calm and productive.”

Sedgemoor Manor School Ofsted Report

A nurturing environment that enhances wellbeing

When young people join our school, they enter a warm, supportive and welcoming learning environment where they soon feel secure, valued and understood. Staff build trusting relationships that make our students feel comfortable in school and ready to learn again.

The ‘Thrive’ approach to supporting our students’ wellbeing and developing resilience is embedded across the school and a number of our staff are practitioners. This approach provides the tools and training to support and measure students’ emotional and social development, and means that our young people are better placed to engage with their learning and with life in general. Thrive draws on recent developments within neuroscience, attachment theory and child development to support how we can work with children to optimise their social and emotional development.

Our students learn to understand their emotions to become more resilient, and to communicate and interact well with others. We equip them with the tools and strategies to address the difficulties autism can present, and to maintain good mental health and wellbeing once they leave our school.

A tranquil and specially adapted learning space

Our beautiful school is situated in a former manor house and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of children and young people with autism. Students learn in comfortable, low arousal spaces that are warm, inviting and purposefully non-institutional. Break out rooms provide safe and quiet places for young people should they feel anxious or overwhelmed during the day.

The school is located in the picturesque Somerset countryside, offering a peaceful, quiet and calming setting. Our extensive grounds provide opportunities to learn outside, the school’s yurt acting as a base for enriching and rewarding activities which build life skills, including outdoor cooking, horticulture and animal care.

Many of our students particularly enjoy looking after our range of rescue animals and find this very calming if they are feeling anxious. A number have also gone on to achieve academic qualifications in animal care.

Staff plan teaching that takes account of pupils’ needs and interests. They consider pupils’ sensory needs and they adapt the environment for each pupil. They also listen to what pupils are interested in, and the curriculum is designed around these interests…Strategies such as these enable pupils to engage successfully with learning, boost their self-esteem and ensure that they enjoy their time at school.”

Sedgemoor Manor School Ofsted Report

Encouraging young people to discover their passion
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Preparing for a brighter future
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Working in partnership with parents
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Part of one of the leading specialist education providers
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Our latest Ofsted report

Please find below our latest Ofsted report for Sedgemoor Manor School.

Sedgemoor Manor School - Ofsted report 2019

Pupils’ attainment is good. By the time they leave the school, they achieve qualifications such as GCSEs, according to their abilities. Pupils are aspirational. Because of the support offered by staff, all pupils at the end of Year 11 continue with further education, training or employment. Most stay in the school’s sixth form.”

Sedgemoor Manor School Ofsted Report

The sixth form is led effectively and provides a stepping stone towards both independent living and future education, employment or training. Students make good progress in the sixth form.”

Sedgemoor Manor School Ofsted Report

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