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Therapeutic Support

Therapy plays an essential role in the work that we do with our children and young people at Eastwood Grange School. It underpins students’ education and development, and gives them valuable tools that they can draw on for life. Our therapy team work side-by-side with the staff team to help young people reach a place where they are ready to learn. They advise on the most effective approach to take in the classroom to maximise a student’s chance of success.

Every child starting at Eastwood Grange School is assessed by our educational psychologist. Our team identifies the difficulties a young person may have that hinder learning from taking place and then works with them to remove those barriers. The support provided can range from helping a child cope with getting through a school day to addressing previous trauma.

“The therapy and intervention teams provide very good support for pupils’ social and emotional needs. Pupils are kept safe and feel safe.”

Eastwood Grange School Ofsted report

Innovative and effective new approaches

Our therapists guide children and young people to manage their emotions and to self-regulate. By learning to control emotions, impulses and think before they act, students grow emotionally, socially and can pursue their goals and ambitions. Our therapists have introduced innovative and effective new approaches to encourage this in school, including a means for pupils to tell a teacher if they are feeling anxious without speaking, which calms the student and has improved lesson outcomes.

The children and young people have access to therapeutic services, including speech and language therapy, counselling and occupational therapy. There are two dedicated therapy rooms, fully resourced to deliver high quality support.

The therapists also work with the parents/carers, developing strategies and approaches to help them care for their child at home. This provides further opportunities to improve the wellbeing of our students and extends the positive impact of our support further.

“The intervention team is effective in developing pupils’ social, emotional, language, friendship, intervention and self-esteem skills…Recent work with the counselling and therapy teams has helped to ensure that pupils are improving their understanding of their own emotions and feelings.”

Eastwood Grange School Ofsted report