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The Inclusion Quality Mark

North West Hospital School has achieved the Inclusive School Award with Centre of Excellence status. The IQM is a nationally recognised validation of a school's inclusive practice and ongoing commitment to developing educational inclusion.

During assessment, schools must be able to demonstrate that inclusion has a school-wide impact and is sustainable. The Centre of Excellence Award recognises those IQM Inclusive Schools which continue to demonstrate a commitment to outstanding levels of inclusive best practice. The IQM states that in a school or education setting, inclusion means that every child and every adult who learns and works in a school is valued and whose educational and personal needs are met.

In the IQM report, the assessor stated that; Personalised learning is the bedrock of all that happens at North West Hospital School. Needs are comprehensively assessed as soon as possible and very regularly. Needs can change suddenly and setbacks that require the focus to move back several steps are not uncommon. For many students, engagement is the immediate priority, and learning is focused on participation. For every student, suitable progress is defined and tracked. For those students able to engage in more structured learning, gaps analysis identifies learning goals and suitable learning sequences are planned. The team has developed an outstanding approach that bridges the seemingly insurmountable gap between a truly ambitious programme of learning for all and the need for a threat-free learning environment.

The Assessor continues; Flexibility and adaptability are required of both teaching and the curriculum, which must be built around the needs of the learner. Staff plan for outcomes but understand that circumstances can change rapidly, meaning plans might not be appropriate.

The school is praised for making sure that every member of staff and pupil feels valued and respected which comes from a leadership that drives through the belief that every child has potential.

North West Hospital School is also recognised for the relationships between students and staff as being very strong. The report says; "Interactions were seen to be warm and positive, with humour playing its part when appropriate. “Inclusive”, “caring” and “supportive,” were the words students chose to describe their school.

We are very proud that this award recognises that inclusion is at the heart of what we do at North West Hospital School and the outstanding contribution of all at the school: pupils, parents, education staff and multidisciplinary Team (MDT).

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Quality Mark

North West Hospital School has been awarded the Silver Level of the National SMSC Quality Mark. This Quality Mark involves a comprehensive external inspection of our curriculum’s provision in terms of social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) education.

This well-respected curriculum accreditation ensures that our provision and education is ambitious and thorough in empowering our students so that they are active in building a progressive society. The Young Citizens benchmarks demand that young people are granted wide-ranging opportunities to make a positive difference in the society in which they live – locally, nationally and globally – and challenges schools to help them develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to play their part in modern British society. These expectations are not only good for the students’ personal development, but they are also essentially strengthening and safeguarding our society and our democratic way of life.

To gain the mark, four key criteria of verification are scrutinised:

1. The Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
2. Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
3. Extra-Curricular Provision
4. Whole-School Provision

In the SMSC Quality mark report, the assessor stated; "The learning area provides a safe and nurturing environment in which your team is helping to change the lives of vulnerable young people. All staff are committed to ensuring that these vulnerable young adults are given the most appropriate opportunities for their futures. This is clearly appreciated by the students who show respect for their learning environment."

It was recognised that; "individual students contribute to the development of their timetables and curriculum. It is obvious that the vision of ‘personalised progress for all’ is shared by all in this special setting. A holistic approach to personal development is ensured for each young adult." ... "SMSC is the foundation that underpins the setting’s shared vision and values."

This award is recognised for 3 years.