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Mayfield House

Welcome to Mayfield House

The home adopts a structured approach to the day with opportunities for the young people to make choices and also take part in regular physical activities.

Our approach

The residential curriculum enables the young people to be taught independence skills which can be broken down into smaller tasks with the ultimate aim of them participating more fully in life. The young person is able to achieve small successes and build on these achievements over a period of time until the whole task is accomplished e.g. washing their hair. The young person gains from increased confidence and self-esteem. This all forms a residential target document.

All young people have the benefits of socialising with others, making friends and participating in activities according to their interests and abilities and accessing the wider community.

The whole atmosphere at the home is one of assurance and confidence where young person’s efforts are privately and/or publicly acknowledged, where frequent praise is given and if criticism is necessary it is used in a constructive manner, which provides positive alternatives.

We strive to give more meaning to the environment in which young people with ASD live and to help them to lead happy, meaningful lives and prepare them for an independent adult life as possible.

Our focus

The homes focus is to promote the development of social behaviours, independence and personal skills, offering opportunities to practice them in real life settings. Provide care with strong emphasis on the importance of privacy, dignity, rights, choice and fulfilment in a comfortable, homely, stimulating and safe environment.

Our values

Our aim is that young people with ASD achieve an enhanced degree of emotional stability though individualised care planning and target setting and to provide support to help the young people lead fulfilling, happy, meaningful lives and prepare them for an independent adult life.

To work in partnership with young people, parents, carers, colleagues within education, social workers and health and employment / training services to achieve the implementation of plans that promote the best possible outcomes for those accommodated at Mayfield House.

To provide a safe, secure, structured, positive and stimulating environment that promotes improved life chances and support and guide those accommodated at Mayfield House, their parents and carers to develop risk management skills and resilience strategies to successfully deal with significant life experiences, changes and challenges.

The activities on offer are tailored to the young people’s interests both on site and within the community. Staff provide appropriate supervision and observe and monitor the dynamics amongst the young people and ensure that their safety and wellbeing is maintained throughout their interactions with other young people.

To find out more about Mayfield House, to request a Statement of Purpose or for further information on the residential services we provide for young people at Aspris Children’s Services, please click here to make an enquiry or alternatively call our helpful team today on 0118 970 8068.