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Hill Lane

Welcome to Hill Lane

Hill Lane is situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan and buzzing city of Southampton, with great links to amazing places such as the New Forest, the Isle of Wight and London. The home is situated in a tranquil area of the city where young people can have the best of both rural and urban worlds.

Our approach

At Hill Lane we are preparing young people for life, not just their time in care. Being risk aware, not risk averse, we enable the young people to make informed decisions regarding their lives. All young people are learning their way in the world. Our role is to help bridge the gap between those in care, with associated additional needs and those not in the care system. Interventions which only seek to control behaviour rather than understand may prevent individuals from developing and achieving their potential. We build relationships with the young people and become active participants in their lives. We talk directly with and engage in activities with each of the young people and act as positive role models.

Our focus

We focus on eliminating causes of anxiety and ignoring the negative, rewarding and acknowledging the positive. By acknowledging and engaging with young people positively, we increase the propensity for positive outcomes. As a home we seek to understand the emotional trigger to behaviour. We can help young people to understand their emotions and this will in turn reduce negative behaviour. Behaviours which challenge are often born out of frustration and breakdowns in communication.

We show emotional warmth and understanding towards our young people. Sometimes this may mean showing that we understand that they find it hard to control their emotions and behaviours. Staff involved in supporting children should aim to understand what drives their behaviour and look at ways to enable the child to learn more socially acceptable means of expressing their need for support. All staff are responsible for inputting to the young people’s BMP (behaviour management plan) and IPRA (Individual Person Risk Assessment) to ensure a holistic approach to behaviour management.

Our values

With our client group (EBD - Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties) it is important to show through our actions that we care, but it is just as important to tell the young people we care. This re-enforces our actions and for those with lower understanding makes it clear we are trying to help them.

Any decision made by the staff is always in the best interest of the young people and staff will be able to explain to the young people why their decision is fair. We work in a child-centered way and this means that each young person is viewed as, worked with and referred to as individuals. These differences are celebrated to foster a positive sense of identity and high sense of worth.

To find out more about Hill Lane, to request a Statement of Purpose or for further information on the residential services we provide for young people at Aspris Children’s Services, please click here to make an enquiry or alternatively call our helpful team today on 0118 970 8068.