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Education services

Our experienced team provide an engaging and dynamic approach to teaching. They are able to offer bespoke learning pathways that enable all students to make progress during their admission. Alongside our academic curriculum, we offer a programme of engagement and personal development activities. Our own curriculum is delivered in combination with the home school curriculum, where appropriate, to ensure the students are able to keep up with their current school work if they need to.

We work closely with the student, parents or carers, the home school and medical professionals to ensure that we are providing an effective and relevant curriculum to support the student as fully as possible.

We are very proud of our school and the progress and achievements our students make socially and academically during their admission.

The school day

The timing structure of the school day is always the same but the activities in each sessions will differ. We start at 9am each day and end at 2.15pm when the therapy team start their program.

On admission, a young person will work with one of our teachers to discuss a suitable learning plan for the duration of their stay. This is reviewed regularly to ensure we are providing the most appropriate educational support. All young people are encouraged to attend education where they will follow their own personalised learning plan.

Education programme

We offer a range of different educational options depending on the presentation of each student. We aim to meet our students at their point of learning, and will differentiate activities accordingly. We are able to offer curriculum work for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level students. For those either not currently in or ready for formalised education, we offer a return to learn programme which aims to engage the students in project-based work.

We have a personal trainer who visits twice weekly to deliver our PE sessions. Each session is tailored to the young people taking part to ensure they are accessible to all.

We also provide opportunities to gain AQA accreditations on a wide variety of topics to suit a range of interests. We are also a registered exam centre so our students are able to sit exams during their admission if required.