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Outcomes and achievements

Aspris Telford School’s curriculum is designed to achieve positive outcomes for the young people that we support. We ensure that all pupils receive a minimum of 25 hours of education and are taught in small class groups. The outcomes include:

  • Developing linguistic abilities
  • Developing individual literacy skills, including functional literacy, where appropriate
  • Developing individual mathematical ability, including functional numeracy, where appropriate
  • Empowering young people to become confident, responsible, healthy, safe learners and citizens
  • Developing learning and metacognitive skills
  • Building self-reliant and problem solving learners
  • Developing young peoples’ identity, sense of self-worth and promoting positive self-esteem
  • Supporting young people to self-regulate and manage their emotions
  • Achieving qualifications that are valued by employers and meet the requirements for entry to further and higher education
  • Preparing young people to make appropriate choices
  • Ensuring continuity and progression within the school and between phases of education
  • Fostering teaching styles which will offer and encourage a variety of relevant learning opportunities
  • Helping young people to develop social, moral, cultural and spiritual values
  • Helping young people to learn about fundamental British values, as well learning about other religious, cultural beliefs and ways of life
  • Understanding the risks associated with living in the 21st Century digital world