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Personalised placement packages

We work closely with the placing authority and parents to create bespoke placements which are tailored to individual needs. Our flexible packages are focused to achieve the very best outcomes for each placement and blend education, employment, care, therapy, and specialised health services to provide personalised support for children and young people with the most complex needs.


Typically, the local authority, social services, education department or health department will take responsibility for referring a young person to one of our schools or colleges and for paying their fees. We also accept privately-funded UK and international students across many of our schools and colleges.

Transparent fee structure

 We take a transparent approach to fees, including:

  • Flexible, competitive fees
  • Annual review of each student’s fees
  • Matching fees to the individual’s placement needs
  • Guaranteed fee reductions as the young person progresses and increases in independence

Flexible fee options

We offer a range of additional services/programmes. These can be combined to create a personalised package that ensures the young person’s needs are met. Our flexible fee options include:

  • Inclusive transport packages
  • Emergency placements
  • Transition arrangements
  • Part-time placements
  • Shared education packages with mainstream schools
  • Outreach support

A specific wrap around therapy service can be pulled together with more flexible individual packages. Young people who require enhanced support will be costed dependent on the degree and level of supervision required by the placing authority.