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Child sexual exploitation

Specialist education and care for victims of CSE

It can be hard to find the right support for victims of CSE. Aspris has extensive experience of working closely with children who have been sexually exploited. We offer a proven combination of care, education and therapy whereby we deliver bespoke packages of support in specialist locations. Our unique CSE settings help young people in crisis to rebuild their lives through:

  • Intensive care and support
  • A holistic approach with a focus on a young person’s overall wellbeing
  • Extensive therapeutic support and trauma recovery services
    • Psychotherapists
    • Art therapists
    • Drama therapists
    • Outdoor adventure
  • First-class education services
  • Secluded and safe environments
  • Support with completing a successful onward transition

Four key themes

There are four key themes we address within the service:

  • Staying safe – Educating our young people about keeping safe
  • Healthy relationships – Working closely with the young person to understand what constitutes a safe and healthy relationship
  • Rehabilitation – Helping young people recover from the trauma
  • Risk management – Educating those around the young person and themselves about the continuing risk and how to cope

Understanding the needs of victims of CSE

We work closely and sensitively with young people to identify the unique ways in which their experiences have affected them. Aspris understands that the impact of sexual exploitation is different for each individual and may include:

  • Attachment disorder
  • Low self-esteem and poor self-confidence
  • Sexual disinhibition
  • Difficulty in forming and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Lacking a sense of security
  • History of placements breaking down
  • Behaviours that challenge
  • Estrangement from family

We work with each individual to build a bespoke package of learning, therapy and care for those who have experienced CSE. Our expert teams consider both the emotional and academic development of the young person, and ensure the necessary support is in place to help them overcome their challenges, and fulfil their potential.