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Clay Hill School has been rated ‘good’ overall with sixth form provision praised heavily

A local special school, Clay Hill School, has been rated ‘good’ overall and in all of the assessment categories. These include the “effectiveness of leadership and management”; “quality of teaching, learning and assessment”; and its “sixth form provision”.

In the report, following their inspection, inspectors said, “Teachers placed appropriate emphasis on the development of pupil’s literacy, communication and numeracy skills. Staff seize on opportunities to make meaningful links to other subjects; for example, in food technology lessons, pupils were encouraged to weigh and measure out ingredients carefully.”

They went onto say, “Pupils feel confident in the adults who care for them. In some lessons, moments of shared humour pepper the atmosphere. This is particularly the case in primary, where the youngest pupils are already building very strong relationships with adults, even able to confidently share a joke appropriately. Teachers strike just the right balance between learning well and having fun.”

Later in their review, inspectors said: “Over time, pupils make excellent progress in the development of their social skills. This is because pupils quickly develop confidence in the adults who care for them. Learning time is often punctuated with appropriate moments of humour because pupils and adults are perfectly at home in each other’s company.”

The sixth form provision was praised heavily in the report. Students are able to take part in a comprehensive range of activities, some of which are available from the provider’s other local site, Coxlease School. The inspectors went onto praise the way it prepares them for the next stage in their education or training. For instance, staff accompanying students to taster sessions at nearby colleges, and providing bespoke programs of learning.

Clay Hill School, part of Aspris Children's Services, is a specialist day school for young people with autism, Attachment Disorder and associated complex needs. They provide education for up to 25 young people aged 5 to 19 years.

Head teacher at Clay Hill School, said: “I am delighted with this report and what inspectors have had to say about the work that we do. I am pleased that it reflects the fact that we not only offer a good quality learning and teaching environment, but that we pride ourselves in helping our young people grow into adults and develop their personal and social skills.”

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