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Muhammad* has dyslexia and came to live and learn at one of Aspris Children’s Services’ schools at the age of 15. As a student from Saudi Arabia, Muhammad’s parents wanted him to study in a Specialist Educational Needs (SEN) school in England where dyslexia was understood and his needs were met.

Muhammad’s family discovered Aspris Children’s Services through a local international agent who recommended our specialist school with it being one of the UK’s premier international provisions for specific learning difficulties associated with dyslexia and language disorders.

The referral process

The referral process included Skype calls between the school, Muhammad and his family, as well as a face-to-face meeting at the school where they received a site tour and met with the Principal and other members of staff.

Muhammad was also invited to attend the school for a trial period of three days which further re-assured his parents that he was at the right school and enabled the staff to develop a detailed plan outlining the level of support and therapies Muhammad required.

Due to Aspris Children’s Services having a trusted relationship with the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and a well-established senior immigration lawyer, Muhammad was able to move from his native country to our school without any issues.

Achieving positive outcomes

Whilst in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad always wanted to succeed at school but struggled with exams due to his dyslexia and not receiving the correct support. To overcome this,our school provided the right teaching techniques and environments which helped to develop Muhammad’s confidence, as well as specialist support including a dedicated reader and extended time to complete national curriculum exams.

Muhammad also excelled in a variety of sports provided by the school and was even nominated for the prestigious national ‘young achievers award’ by the Dallaglio Foundation. Both Muhammad and staff regularly kept his parents updated on his achievements and progress via Skype, emails and regular phone calls.

Since leaving Aspris Children’s Services last year, Muhammad has gone on to study Level 2 engineering at Oxford Tutorial College where he continues his educational and social development. Without the support of our school, this would not have been possible.

*Name changed to protect identity