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All learners should have bespoke packages of learning which includes therapeutic support to reduce anxiety, challenging behaviours and increase communication skills.

By having the correct packages in place, a child’s education outcomes will improve. Read below about the other support which should be offered to a young person with special educational needs.

Bespoke packages of learning should include the following:

  • Social care and life skills
  • Therapeutic support to reduce anxiety, sensitivities, challenging behaviours and increase communication skills
  • Development of independence skills
  • Specialist environments to reduce anxieties, sensitivities and increase confidence and access
  • Programmes to increase emotional stability and well-being
  • Programmes to increase social communication and social understanding skills
  • ASD specific packages to increase learning opportunities and functional skills

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For more information on the education services we provide at our British schools for children from around the world with Autism, ADHD and other Special Educational Needs, or to become one of our agents, please call +44 (0)208 108 2571 or click here.

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