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Young people with autism and dyslexia can find education extremely challenging, especially when they are not receiving the correct support. 

Our extensive experience in helping students with autism and dyslexia enables us to break negative cycles, create the right environments and deliver the necessary support needed for a young person to achieve in all areas of their development. 

We highlight below some of the services an international student with Special Educational Needs (SEN) will receive if they attended one of our schools or colleges across the UK. 

The specialist services we provide include: 

  • A range of specialist programmes to help reduce anxiety, support communication and social understanding or to address challenging behaviours
  • Specialist support through speech and language, occupational art and drama therapists. Access also to an educational psychologist
  • Tailored, bespoke access to the British curriculum to support best possible outcomes
  • Education strategies as individuals with dyslexia may resist conventional teaching methods
  • Schools that are designed to reduce anxiety and stimulation, specialist environments
  • Support with daily living tasks which could be impacted by autism and dyslexia

Download our new brochure

We have recently translated our brochure into Arabic and Russian; please click the links below to view this brochure. If you would like to access more of our helpful marketing materials, please get in touch.

International brochure - Arabic

International brochure - Russian

International brochure - English

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For more information on our British SEN schools and colleges, or to become a Priory Education and Children’s Services agent, please call +44 (0)208 108 2571.  Alternatively, click here to arrange a call back at a time convenient to you. 

We would also be more than happy to show you around one of our schools or colleges. Please contact us when you are next in the UK to arrange a FAM tour.