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Residential services

Farleigh Further Education College offers residential students a broad range of independent living environments. We are able to offer accommodation for a total of up to 64 students, across five different settings:

  • Sandusky Mews
  • North Parade
  • Ashleigh Grove
  • Delta Close
  • Tallowood
  • Maple
  • Water Edge

Each residence operates separately and has its own identity, sense of community and team spirit but all are well-integrated within the local community. 

A focus on social interaction

Whilst our five residences are spread throughout the local community, the college ensures there are plenty of opportunities for students to socialise with one another both within and between houses. Each house has shared communal facilities which encourage young people to get to know one another, form friendships and improve their communication skills. For this reason, we ensure that careful consideration is given to the needs, personality and gender of an individual student when placing them in our residential service to give them the best chance of success during their time with us.

Developing life skills

All our residential students at Farleigh Further Education College are expected to actively engage in a full timetable of both college and independence work. We support them to develop independence skills such as:

  • Laundry
  • Organising bedrooms
  • Budgeting
  • Cooking
  • Independent travel