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Outcomes and achievements

“Our aim is to make the young people well-behaved and respectable citizens, equipping them to play an active and positive part in society, and continue progressing when they leave school.”

David McNally, Operations Director

Our overall vision for Troup House School is to have an inclusive approach to our development and improvement agenda for 2015-2016, ensuring the best experiences and outcomes for our school community.

As corporate parents we want our young people to achieve success in accredited qualifications and to gain increased levels of independence to enable them to maximise their strengths and ambitions. Plans and programmes are tailored to individual needs to ensure that every young person is challenged to progress at a pace that is appropriate for them.

We have established an accurate record of our young people’s learning so that we can ensure that appropriate and achievable targets are in place. In our school, we have a positive culture and ethos that has increased motivation amongst our young people who have clear goals and targets. In our experience, our pupils have become more resilient and have grown in confidence as they become increasingly able to demonstrate and articulate their capabilities.