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Work experience opportunities

Our broad and general curriculum and teaching approach from the point of admission addresses careers input and prepares pupils for the workplace through developing skills including self- awareness, problem solving and communication skills. We work in partnerships with Skills Development Scotland and other professionals to prepare and plan with our young people for leaving school, positive destinations inform this process.

According to Developing the Young Workforce Work Placements Standard 2015, “work placements should enable young people to experience a relevant, challenging, enjoyable, and appropriate learning experience within the contemporary workplace. A placement should help the young person to make informed decisions about their future career”.

In accordance with Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy, our range of work experience placements give our young people the opportunity to get qualifications and real-life work experience through supported employment that reflects their needs. Academic research and benchmarking evidences that successful programmes with positive outcomes for young people are usually characterised by:

  • A placement in a real working environment
  • Workplace learning and the opportunity to achieve qualifications
  • The promotion of literacy and numeracy standards
  • Support/outreach with any difficulties

We provide an Introduction to Workplace Training here onsite using classroom facilities and resources including our workshops.

Work experience placements are part of our Senior Phase and are identified by the young person, tutor and key worker. We have over the years established strong partnerships with local employers and can offer a wide range of work experience opportunities for the young people who attend Troup House including:

  • Nursery placements
  • Placements at a local engineering company
  • Placements at a local garage
  • The opportunity to work in a Community Café

The aim of the work placements is to get the young person ready for life after Troup House by developing their skills and confidence.

Extract from an article written by one of our senior pupils for our school newspaper ‘Troup House News’ after spending a week on work experience during Term 4 2016:

A Day in the Life of Macduff Shipyards

“On Monday the 9th May 2016, I had my first day of work experience at Macduff Shipyard. I got up at 6.30am put on my boiler suit and went downstairs for breakfast. Staff took me to the shipyard for 8.00am. I was feeling quite nervous as I didn’t know anyone. When I arrived I had a meeting with the Health & Safety boss and he showed me around the whole site, and how to use the equipment.

After this, I got paired up with my co-workers Scott and Keith who I was working with that day. Our job was to take an engine out of a wooden boat that was in the harbour. I used tools like a spanner, ratchet, hammer and screwdrivers to strip the engine from the boat. I enjoyed doing this although it was hot in the boat and going up and down the ladders was quite scary as the boats were high and we had to lift the equipment and the ladders.

During the day we got two breaks one in the morning from 10.15 to 10.30am and one at lunch from 12.00 to 13.00pm. I got a burger and chips from the burger van and sat and enjoyed having banter with the other workers.

I really enjoyed the experience and got to meet new people while I was learning new skills. It also showed me what it’s like to work a full day as an adult. They offered me the chance to go back in the summer and I would like to do this. The boss even gave me £50.00 for helping which was great.”