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Therapy services

The young people at Troup House School have access to a range of therapies, most of which are integrated into the education and care programme. The emotional wellbeing of our young people is a primary concern as their problems are often multi-layered and multi-factorial, we view professional collaborations as being central to the supports that we can provide for young people who have had major negative experience in their early lives.

A person-centred approach and outcome planning is the central theme for our practice and interventions, with tools such as life story work, life space crisis intervention and cognitive behavioural interventions being adopted. Working in the Life Space and using crisis events as opportunities enable us to carry out adaptive emotional development work by providing on a day to day basis appropriate advice, support and positive experiences within a nurturing environment. This enable us as a team to engage in a process of cognitive reconstruction using everyday events as naturally occurring opportunities to provide ‘therapeutic experiences’.

Therapies and interventions are tailored according to the young person’s individual needs with psychological provision being available where and when required; we have access to the services of a Registered Chartered Counselling Psychologist. The Psychologist contributes an impressive selection of knowledge, experience and expertise which provides us with high-quality psychological advice. This aspect of our provision enables us to develop a deeper insight into the most likely factors underlying the more challenging social and emotional difficulties. We use Complex Case Formulation Meetings to consider evidence based approaches to the management of the presenting behaviour/needs to enable us to provide the appropriate supports and interventions.

As we have every day direct contact with our young people to ‘get a handle’ on a complex problem situation and to consider creative possibilities for change, we use external consultants and professionals. Their input enables us to identify the subtle factors that provoke or maintain difficulties, their contribution can provide us with a deeper insight into the nature and possible management of the situation which can validate inform and challenge our practice. We utilise input from other professionals including CAMHS services and work collaboratively to develop our understanding of the process of post-trauma stress enabling us to better understand the emotional and cognitive process that take place whilst our young people work through and adapt to the hurtful experiences that they have lived through.