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Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children

As a service we prioritise safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and expect all of our staff, stakeholders and visitors to share this commitment. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that adults with an unhealthy interest in children will experience as being hostile. We will take a proactive approach to ensure that:

  • We establish and maintain an environment and culture where pupils feel safe, secure, encouraged to talk and feel listened to
  • Adults are approachable and available to offer support, advice and assistance to our young people when they feel worried or are in difficulty
  • We include within our service provision activities, challenges and experiences that will equip our young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence that they need to keep themselves safe from harm
  • We are transparent and work in partnerships with others to ensure that the young people in our care are safe, nurtured and are protected from abuse and harm

Our whole staff team attend mandatory training on Safeguarding and Child Sexual Exploitation to enable them to work within a child-centred framework to protect children and young people who are or at risk of becoming victims. Our training focusses on making the needs and experiences of our young people the central and driving force behind our decisions and actions. We are committed to developing our awareness and understanding of the seven defining principles for protecting children and young people:

  1. The child’s interests must be our top priority as a service
  2. We enable, encourage and facilitate the participation of our young people
  3. We build and maintain helpful and nurturing relationships that endure
  4. We take a proactive approach to comprehensive problem-profiling and proactive identification
  5. Troup House School effectively shares information with other agencies and stakeholders
  6. We provide supervision, support and training for our staff
  7. We engage in a continuous cycle of reviewing and evaluating

As a service we are committed to ensuring that young people are at the centre of professional decision making regarding their safety, welfare and protection.

On site we have a Designated Safeguarding Officer who reports to the Regional Safeguarding Lead for our division and works in partnership with other agencies including Police Scotland and our host authority.