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Admissions criteria

Troup House School provides:

  • A full curriculum based upon the principles of the Curriculum for Excellence
  • An emphasis on young people’s achievements and personal development through individualised programmes
  • An approach that re-engages pupils through cross curricular themes that are often practical and experiential
  • A multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning
  • High staff­ to pupil ratios
  • A seasonal outdoor education programme
  • Extensive outdoor activities programmes in a unique physical environment
  • 52 week provision
  • A purpose built modern school setting
  • Opportunities to place siblings
  • SQA presenting centre

Our admissions criteria:

  • Young people may experience a range of difficulties including behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and autistic spectrum conditions
  • They will be aged 8 to 16 years old

The young people that are referred to Troup House School may also have specific needs as a consequence of:

  • Their experiences of trauma
  • Multiple placement breakdowns
  • Additional support needs that could not be met in mainstream education services
  • Failed placements in other residential services
  • Their specific need cannot be met in foster care and/or kinship care services

As part of our referral and admission protocol we undertake an Admission Impact Risk Assessment process that assesses a number of factors including:

  • Areas of need and risk within the assessed profile
  • An assessment of the level of risk and the required mitigation actions required
  • Any impact considerations on the current resident group
  • The skill set required to meet the young person’s needs
  • Any specialist therapy requirements