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Life skills

Preparing young people for adulthood

Newbury Manor School understands that in order for our students to prepare for adult life, they must develop the skills that could be obstacles to their success.  For example, if our learners wish to access further education or employment, they will need to make academic progress as well as develop the broader skills to successfully access that new environment. We aim to develop the whole child, focusing on social, emotional, communication and sensory needs as well as academic progress. We place a strong emphasis on our young people’s wellbeing and are keen to ensure that each individual in our care goes on to become a happy, fulfilled individual, who is able to meet their potential.

Incorporating life skills into the curriculum

The curriculum offered at Newbury Manor School prepares our young people for their ‘next steps’ in life. Our life and independence skills curriculum, underpinned by PSHE curriculum, allows our students to go onto lead successful adult lives, as independently as possible. This often includes specific teaching on age appropriate risk themes such as:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Relationships

This helps to improve the safety levels of vulnerable learners as they enter adulthood.