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Therapy services

The role of therapy at Farleigh Further Education College

Here at Farleigh Further Education College, we believe that therapy can play an important role in the learning experience of young people with Asperger Syndrome. We are able to offer access to a comprehensive range of evidence-based therapeutic services to help those students who have been assessed as requiring this support as part of their ongoing development.

Many of our young people have therapeutic interventions included in their EHC plan. In addition, therapy referrals often come from parents/guardians, support workers and young people themselves. In each case, we will only organise therapy with the consent and co-operation of the individual student.

The college actively encourages students to work with our therapists to set realistic goals and develop coping strategies to manage their difficulties more effectively.

“General and specialist support ensures that students are able to manage anxiety and concentrate on learning.”

Ofsted, March 2013

An expert in-house team

Farleigh Further Education College is able to offer swift access to a range of therapies thanks to our experienced in-house team, which includes:

  • OT
  • SALT
  • Counsellor
  • Art therapist
  • Senior assistant psychologist
  • Access to behavioural support services

We also have a number of dedicated therapy rooms at the college, providing calm and private spaces for 1:1 sessions where required.

It is important to note that our therapy team do not work in isolation, but are an integrated part of the college experience at Farleigh Further Education College. There is a strong focus on inter-working, with our therapy team involved in:

  • Close working with teachers and education staff
  • Giving support in the workplace for our students on work experience or in employment
  • Running small discussion groups and male/female sexuality groups
  • Supporting education and residential care staff

Therapies on offer at Farleigh Further Education College

Farleigh Further Education College offers a range of different therapies, each with their own distinct approach. It can seem overwhelming at first as you try to understand the advantages of a particular therapy, so let’s look at them each in more detail:

Art therapy

Art therapy offers students the means to communicate and express their feelings through the use of a range of art materials. Through unconscious imagery and exploration of past, present and future, issues can be acknowledged and worked through with a therapist who acts as witness and support to the student. More general art sessions are also offered to involve as many students as possible, for example graffiti art and photography exhibitions.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy develops students’ independence skills, focusing upon everyday tasks such as budgeting, organisational skills and independent living.

Speech and language therapy

Our speech and language therapist works directly with students to assess their needs and plan and implement intervention.

Many of our students have a varied communication profile. Often, they will be very able verbally but are unable to detect and/or understand more subtle verbal and non-verbal cues. We provide students with access to individual and group sessions where we can support a higher level of communicative competence and a more reflective stance of real-life situations.

By providing an integrated therapy programme, the college is able to promote a consistent approach to social communication and help students raise awareness of their individual difficulties, the effect on others and provide clear information and useful strategies for communication in adulthood.


Students can access a counsellor or psychotherapist to discuss specific issues which are causing concern and/or they wish to resolve. Specific techniques may be used such as cognitive behaviour therapy, relaxation techniques and anger management.