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Life skills

Here at Farleigh Further Education College, our mission is to help students prepare for life as fulfilled and self-reliant adults in mainstream situations. In order to achieve this, we support young people by helping them to learn to look after themselves.

All of our students work towards personalised independence targets as part of their Individual Learning Plan, which are reviewed on a termly basis.  We will vary these targets according to how independent the young person previously was before joining us. Typically, we will fully support students when they first join us but, gradually over a period of time, we will look to increase their independence to the point that they are able to live on a budget and cook for themselves etc.

“Students make significant progress in developing their social and communication skills which they use well in developing more successful ways of interacting with other people.”

Ofsted, March 2013

Working towards independence

The overall aim for all our students who attend Farleigh Further Education College is for them to be able to move into sustainable employment. However, people with Asperger Syndrome can often feel socially excluded, which has implications for starting and maintaining friendships as well as for sustaining employment appropriate to their abilities. We understand that in order to help our young people to fulfil their potential, we need to work on their personal development as well as their academic achievement. 

Students are supported by members of the staff team to follow an independence programme that helps them work towards achieving their individual targets. This may involve developing a number of areas, including:

  • Budgeting
  • Careers sessions (including interview skills)
  • Cooking
  • Independence skills programmes
  • Male/female sexuality groups run by the therapy team
  • Social skills through events organised for residential students
  • Travel training
  • Understanding of money
  • Work placement opportunities

Activities our young people enjoy

We encourage students to get involved in activity planning and help to organise individual and group activities, with appropriate support provided where required. Our young people have previously organised a range of leisure activities such as:

  • Cinema trips
  • Museum trips
  • Sports activities
  • Paint balling
  • Shopping trips
  • Concerts
  • Social events

“The vast majority of students gain their qualifications and successfully achieve their independence and behavioural targets.”

Ofsted, March 2013