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Curriculum information

Farleigh Further Education College aims to provide the widest range of courses for our students through partnership agreements with our local mainstream colleges. We offer our young people the option to choose from more than 150 courses including:

  • GCSEs
  • A-Levels
  • Pre-entry vocational courses
  • NVQ Level 3
  • BTEC National Diplomas
  • RARPA – evidence based progression qualifications

Students have previously studied a broad spectrum of subjects, including:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Japanese
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Art
  • Photography
  • ICT Certificate in Digital Appliances
  • Spanish
  • French 

Curriculum Aims for Farleigh Further Education College:

  • Provision of a curriculum that is flexible to the needs of our students and focusses on their journey and aspirations.
  • To develop the students’ self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence and respect for others.
  • To provide a safe and effective learning environment to enable all students to engage, grow and contribute.
  • To provide opportunities and experiences enabling students to access employment and actively contribute to the community.
  • To meet the needs of individuals through personalised and small group tuition through high quality teaching delivered in a supportive environment.
  • To expand student pathway options through partnership college links.
  • To overcome barriers and challenges to learning through targeted teaching support, adapting to students’ learning preferences.
  • To equip students with the skills and tools to be able to live independently.
  • Through provision of diverse opportunities and experiences, we wish to engender a sense of personal pride in students’ achievements and aspirations, developing understanding for the purpose and relevance of learning derived from individuals own experiences, interests and passions.

Curriculum Intent for Farleigh Further Education College:

  • At Farleigh College, the curriculum is designed to engage and inspire and to equip our students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress and achieve their goals.
  • We aim to promote equality of opportunity in a highly inclusive environment and value diversity for all.
  • We strive to develop the full potential of all students, furnishing them with the tools to live and grow independently, becoming confident, resilient, successful, and active members of the community and wider society.
  • We place highest priority on safeguarding, using secure, effective systems to ensure students feel safe and are safe at Farleigh College.

Further curriculum intent information:


The curriculum consists of 3 broad pathways designed to ensure students can progress to their choice of a higher-level course, university, or employment, whether in supported living or fully independent.

The Foundation programme focusses on developing functional literacy and numeracy skills, and everyday living skills such as making healthy lifestyle choices, friendships and relationships, accessing the community and living independently. Those accessing the foundation programme can further develop skills in social interaction and communication, health and wellbeing, creative thinking, problem solving and being active through participation in creative arts, outdoor education such as bushcraft or other activities.

The Academic programme is designed for students who wish to achieve the necessary core subject GCSE’s and A-Levels to progress to higher level course or university. Students also follow the non-accredited programme which enables individuals to develop the necessary life skills to live semi or fully independently in subsequent college, university or working environments. The life skills programme includes everyday living skills, accessing the community, social interaction and communication, healthy relationships, rights and responsibilities, employability skills and experiencing the world of work. Students may also choose a vocational course as listed below, either at Farleigh or one of our partnership colleges.

The Vocational programme is designed for students who wish to follow a career direction. In addition to the life skills programme and enrichment activities, students can achieve a level 1 or 2 NVQ or levels 1-3 BTEC qualification in a range of areas such as Health and Social Care, Retail, Motor Vehicle, Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Animal Care, Horticulture, Catering and Digital Technology. Students are able to develop employability skills through work based learning sessions and work experience placements.
The accredited programmes of study are derived from subject specific skills and individualised targets developed into medium term plans. These highlight learning objectives, assessment opportunities and cross curricular links. Medium term plans are flexible and adapted to meet the individual and changing needs of each student.


Intention: To engage, inspire and equip students with knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve their goals.

Through baseline assessments, individualised programmes of study and effective support systems we create an accessible, effective approach to a wide range of experiences and subject areas. Subject tutors are knowledgeable and present material at an appropriate level and pace whilst ensuring stretch and challenge. The impact will be that students are academically, physically and emotionally prepared for the next phase of their journey through education or employment and towards independence.

Intention: To promote equality of opportunity and value diversity.

Through a whole college approach in celebrating diversity; modelling, demonstrating, and educating students about friendships, tolerance and equality. Our students will understand, develop character and make positive choices in preparation for participation in the wider society. The impact of which will be seen in the behaviours and interactions within the college community.

Intention: Strive to develop the full potential of students, furnishing them with the skills to become confident, resilient, successful and active members of the community and wider society.

Through a personalised approach focussed on learning preferences and the learner journey, students will develop tools to overcome barriers and difficulties they may face, the impact of which will be seen in how they approach and overcome daily challenges. Building self-esteem and confidence through experience and achievement.

Intention: We place the highest priority on safeguarding, using effective systems to ensure students feel safe and are safe at Farleigh College.

The impact will be seen in effective management, recording and resolution of safeguarding concerns but most importantly that students and their families express they feel safe and trust leaders and staff to promote students welfare and keep them from harm.