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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Transitioning services

We offer a number of initiatives to help ensure smooth transitions into Farleigh Further Education College, including:

  • Visits to the student’s home
  • Visits to the student’s current school
  • Staggered transitions, building up from part time to full time education
  • New student days at the beginning of the school year where the young people who are joining us can get to know one another
  • Accompanied familiarisation visits for students starting mainstream college before the rest of the student body starts so that they feel more comfortable

Supporting transitions out of Farleigh Further Education College

Planning for transitions out of the college starts the moment a young person joins us. From their very first day at Farleigh Further Education College, we will be thinking about where the young person will move on to, the outcomes they want to achieve and the steps we need to put in place to help them achieve this.

Formal transition reviews take place early in the students’ final year, which are overseen by our dedicated transitions officer.  As an ex-Connexions officer, she is highly experienced in co-ordinating transitions and well-placed to advise our young people on the routes that are available to them. We strive to fully involve all interested parties in the review process, including:

  • Transitions Officer
  • Support workers
  • Psychologists
  • Head of Education
  • Student
  • Student’s parents/guardians
  • Local authority

There are often further follow-up reviews to ensure that the transition is progressing smoothly, sometimes even after the student has left Farleigh Further Education College.

Where do our young people move on to?

Farleigh Further Education College supports students to move on to a range of new pathways, according to their individual interests. Our young people have previously progressed on to:

  • Work-based training
  • Employment in their home area
  • Higher education

Co-ordinating successful transitions

We support our students to move on to their chosen field, whatever this may be. For example:

Students moving on to work-based training or employment in their home area…
Will be advised and supported by their local careers advisors and our transition co-ordinator. They may in turn introduce them to disabled employment advisors, sheltered employment providers or directly to employers.

Students moving on to university …
Will benefit from the comprehensive scheme that we have in place to help students choose the most appropriate courses and university to apply for. We also arrange Disabled Students’ Assessments and liaise closely with universities before and after our students start their courses. Approximately 30% of students leaving Farleigh Further Education College go on to university and the retention rate for our students at university is excellent.

“Particularly good advice and guidance ensure nearly all students successfully progress to further and higher education and employment.”

Ofsted, March 2013