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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Services summary

Our mission statement

“To enable students to enjoy and achieve, supporting them to grow as individuals, gain confidence in their abilities and move forward with the next stage of their own personal journey”

Supporting young people to become independent adults

All our students have ambitions to study, live and work in mainstream communities as self-reliant adults. To help them achieve this, Farleigh Further Education College provides students with individual support to:

  • Work towards their academic and/or vocational goals
  • Grow as individuals
  • Gaining confidence in their abilities
  • Understand the complexities of their own version of Asperger Syndrome

We do this by providing tailored levels of support and guidance within mainstream college and community settings.

Clear, consistent communication

All of the work we do at Farleigh Further Education College is based on clear communication and sound relationships with staff. Every student has their own personal tutor (usually a learning support worker) and will attend weekly with them. This gives young people the opportunity to discuss their problems, anxieties, current performance and future goals and aspirations.

Unrivalled flexibility

As one of the biggest education sites within Aspris, Farleigh Further Education College is able to offer unrivalled flexibility in the learning packages we create for our young people.

Our unique network of partner colleges enables us to give all our students the same choices as their mainstream peers but with the additional support they require. Young people at Farleigh Further Education College have access to an enormous range of academic and vocational learning opportunities, with the additional benefit of being able to work on their social and independence skills.

Key features which ensure our flexibility include:

  • Able to offer staff support in mainstream FE college placements
  • On-site teaching programme
  • Able to take students mid-term

Learning Centre at North Parade

Farleigh Further Education College has a Learning Centre which provides support to students looking to develop their literacy, numeracy and information technology skills. Situated at our North Parade residence, it is also used as a space where students can access supported homework sessions. The centre is open from 9 am until 9 pm Monday to Friday and for additional sessions around exam times.

Tailored support

On-site classes at Farleigh Further Education College have, on average, around just five students each. This allows for teaching and support staff to deliver highly individualised learning. Additional 1:1 support is also available if required in the form of an in-class support worker, therapy sessions or additional tutorials.

Keeping parents/carers informed

Farleigh Further Education College recognises the importance of open two-way communication with parents/carers to our young people’s development. We actively encourage good relationships with home and aim to keep parents/carers fully informed of their child’s academic and personal progress via:

  • A termly reporting system
  • A formal annual review for each student
  • End of term newsletter from the Principal
  • Encouraging parents to ring the college whenever they want to
  • An open door policy for parents wishing to visit
  • Face-to-face catch ups when parents collect students
  • Every student has a personal tutor who are expected to contact parents once per week informally by phone and email