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Curriculum information

All learners at Arden College have an Individual Learning Plan. This helps them to meet long term goals and for all staff to support consistency, so that learners can use their current strengths and interests to develop their independence, pursue their aspirations, ambitions and progress to the future. Each Individual Learning Plan is developed through our rigorous assessment process, and by consulting with parents, schools and other relevant parties.

The curriculum offers relevant, practical and challenging experiences that provide learners with the necessary life skills required to live a more independent and fulfilling life in their future. For residential students, that extended curriculum during evenings and weekends is vital in supporting and continuing learning opportunities within the formal curriculum.

A sensory curriculum

The college has developed a sensory curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of students with significant communication difficulties. It aims to provide a range of learning experiences which will maximise the students’ ability to experience, engage with and finally, participate in activities.

Information Technology

Information Technology is used to support students to develop a range of skills including independence, communication and self-advocacy. IT is an integral learning tool within sessions and is also used in a range of other settings so that the opportunities information technology offers are realised across the curriculum and extended curriculum.

Please note, all members of staff take part in a rolling programme of training which covers underlying principles as well as strategies.